Venom OG


Venom OG

Mostly indicaleaning, Venom OG is as potent and deadly as it sounds — to your aches and pains. Sought out for its ability to elevate the senses and soothe the body, this strain combines the cerebral high of pure Poison OG with the relaxing effects of Rare Dankness #1 for a truly transcendent experience. Developed by the inventive minds of Rare Dankness, V OG perfects a balance of focus with peace and respite, 50% indica, 50% sativa. 100% amazing.


Offering a cross between relaxation and stimulation, Venom OG is a sedative blend of both worlds. The therapeutic nature of Venom OG is great for coiling up in your blankets at home, as well as remaining stimulated for soothing/or more lowkey activities such as lounging, playing video games, enjoying music, or simply being lazy. Some side effects may entail dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, or more rarely, headaches or paranoia. On a positive note, Venom OG introduces an unmistakable uplifted feeling with a surge of happiness that hits immediately. Ideal for those with muscle and joint pains, Venom OG is a well revered strain, as it’s great for remedying inflammation and fatigue within mere minutes, as well as gradually combating muscle spasms, arthritis, chronic main, and insomnia. No matter what your stress may derive from, whether it be for recreational or medicinal purposes, long days spent typing existential essays at school or arduous work on a construction site, Venom OG is perfect for those seeking a sleep-inducing high like none-other. The perception distorting nature of Venom OG means it’s most recommended for night time enjoyment, as it won’t leave you feeling the most productive and can distort the perception of sight and sound, however with the right people the soothing effects of Venom OG’s high can benefit smaller social settings as it makes the user more aware of their immediate surroundings.

THC Concentration

Hitting lows of 18% and highs of 23%, Venom OG is a potent hybrid. 50% indica, 50% Sativa, powerful enough to help the most high-tolerant of smokers get a good night’s rest. Carrying a CBD of approximately 0.5% percentage from its parent strain Poison OG (1%) and high THC levels from Rare Dankness (22-24%) packs a beautiful bite, best enjoyed with midnight munchies.

Appearance & Aroma

Ranging from small to medium buds, Venom OG has a coiled appearance with an elongated forest-green colouration and bold bright structure. Translucent trichomes coat both the internal and external areas, making this strain a challenge to bust by hand. Vibrant orange hairs (botanical pistils) thread the tips of the buds, densely packing an irresistible gassy aroma into inward curled leaves; lucid citrus tones intermixed with sweet, skunky, earthy undertones help accentuate the pungent piney aftertaste, drawing you closer to euphoria as you indulge in the most delicious Venom, deadly only to restlessness and friendly to the dreams you’ll be having later. Grab a blanket, find some snacks, and prepare yourself for one of the most amazing highs you’ll ever experience!

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