Super Mario CBD is a hybrid that is grown by Gastown. It is high CBD content and minimizes sedation while still providing valuable relief of pain from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Because the sedative effects are constrained this product can be used during the day many people find helpful treating anxiety and depression. The smaller pine-green buds are dense with a slightly sweet flavor that burns well either in a pipe or rolled in a joint. For those who require frequent dosing for control of symptoms and who dislike being overly sedated Super Mario CBD is an excellent and economical choice.  ACTUAL PICTURES.  ONE OUNCE PRICE.
This stock of Super Mario is an organically grown greenhouse strain. The flavour is nice and the effects are exactly as described uplifting and happy.
At the on-sale price of $85 these are an amazing value for organic flower. These won’t last much longer.

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