Northern Lights x Big Bud


Crossing the best of two already famous and extremely popular heavy hitting strains, the Northern Lights X Big Bud strain is an indica dominant hybrid that is relatively new to the cannabis community. Elevating both its parents >Northern Lights and Big Bud to a whole new level, this strain was also bred with ruderalis genetics and thus has autoflowering properties, ideal for those looking to grow their own cannabis! To little surprise, this mega hybrid is super potent and offers a deeply relaxing and sedative, couch locking high. It also offers the best of sativa effects: psychedelic cerebral effects that are amazingly euphoric and uplifting. Paired with an above average CBD count and refreshingly tasty sweet, pine flavours, Northern Lights X Big Bud may easily be your next favourite indica!


If you are somewhat familiar with Northern Lights or Big Bud, you’ll have a bit of an idea of how potent the high from its child cross can be. Nonetheless, both novice and experienced users of cannabis may want to beware as Northern Lights X Big Bud can have you couch locked and snoozing in no time! The high with this strain is heavy, powerfully calming and deeply relaxing, so it is best suited for evenings and weekends. Your body will feel at ease and its sedative effects make this strain particularly useful in relieving or even numbing physical pain or aches, therefore it can help manage headaches or migraines, muscle spasms, arthritis, nausea or cramps. The high is also mentally calming as it induces euphoria and uplifting, offering a psychedelic cerebral high that can be meditative and helpful in alleviating symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety and PTSD. All these soothing physical and mental effects make Northern Lights X Big Bud an excellent choice to combat insomnia, nightmares or stress if you’ve had a long day and are in need of a good night’s sleep!

THC Content

The Northern Lights X Big Bud cross is an indica dominant hybrid with a dominance of 80% indica to 20% ruderalis. Cannabis ruderalis is often referred to as the third type of cannabis after indica and sativa types. Ruderalis tends to yield a lower THC count, though higher CBD, and are popularly used amongst breeders due to their autoflowering traits. Due to the stronger genetics of its parents, however, this hybrid averages between a high of 18% to 22% in THC, and contains 3% CBD. The parent Northern Lights strain, one of the most popular in the cannabis community, is a pure indica with a THC average of 16% to 21%. Its other parent, Big Bud, is an award winning indica dominant hybrid with a dominance of 85% to 15% sativa and 23% to 26% in THC.

Appearance & Aroma

The nugs of Northern Lights x Big Bud are slightly oversized, and come in a beautiful and deep medium green shade with bright orange pistils. These nugs are decorated with purple hues throughout, and finished with such a highly resinous coating of crystallized trichomes, you’ll be feeling as if you’re gazing at aurora borealis itself! Its flavours and aromatic profile are dominated by notes of earth woodiness as well as sweet and fresh pine, however there are also undertones of spices and fruits!

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