Mandarina by Pluto Craft Cannabis


Not to be confused with Mandarine Kush, Mandarin Cookies or Mandarin OG, this Mandarina strain is a rare and improved phenotype of the original strain of the same name. The exact lineage of this sativa dominant hybrid strain remains a mystery, though we do know this phenotype was grown by local and professional British Columbian breeders over at Pluto Craft Cannabis who are recognized for producing small batch exotic phenotypes and quality AAAA+ cannabis! There are a few other things we can also be certain of, such as the amazing taste of its delicious and refreshing flavour profile that is reminiscent of fresh and zesty citrus, with predominant notes of sweet mandarins! This version of the Mandarina strain also offers a highly enjoyable high that is characteristic of only the best sativas: deeply euphoric, creative and amazingly uplifting to elevate your mood any day of the week!


Like the best sativa strains, Mandarina by Pluto Craft Cannabis allow users to experience a cerebral high. It is highly euphoric and uplifting so it’s a great way to start off the day in the morning as a wake and bake strain, or it could be used later in the day for a great pick me up if you’re feeling tired or stressed. The strain also offers bursts of energy, focus and creativity, so it’s perfect for when you’re in need of a good brainstorming session for a project, if you’re looking to be creative and make art, or simply if you’re prone to fatigue and require a bit of an energy boost! While this can easily be a go-to recreational strain, the combination of elevated mood and euphoric effects make Mandarina by Pluto Craft Cannabis an excellent choice for treating symptoms of chronic stress, depression or anxiety. Its invigorating energy and sharpened sense of focus may also help manage ADD/ADHD and chronic fatigue.

THC Content 

Mandarina by Pluto Craft Cannabis is a sativa dominant hybrid which averages between 18% to 26% THC potency. While the exact linenage of this rendition of Mandarina is obscure, we can speculate it includes at least one or more of the following strains as these were the genetic parents of the original Mandarina: Agent Orange (also known as Agent O), UK Pineapple, Dynamite and/or Shiva, all of which also contain citrusy and fruity terpene profiles!

Appearance & Aroma

As one might be able to guess from its name, this Mandarina strain by Pluto Craft Cannabis has a very citrus and fruity terpene profile with strong, predominant notes of zesty citrus peels and sweet mandarins. Its aromatic blend however is further enhanced by notes of clementines and while it is both sweet and sour, there are also familiar tones of cannabis pungent skunkiness and earthy wood and pine scents to the strain. Upon exhale, users will taste the delectable blend of refreshingly zesty citrus and mandarins that are complemented by the naturally woody pine of Mandarina! As for its appearance, the buds of Mandarina are a bright green shade with hints of light orangey brown pistils. It is finished with a beautifully generous coating of crystal trichomes!

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