Ice Wreck Kush


Ice Wreck Kush strain or simply Ice Wreck for short, is the splendid combination of Ice, the legendary strain Trainwreck and another unknown British Columbian strain. First bred by Crop King Seeds, locally-sourced Ice Wreck Kush has been crossed with unknown strains to create the strain we are now familiar with. The team behind the research and development of this strain must have had potency in mind, as they created a flower with effects as dank and devastating as the name sounds. This indica strain packs a deep, cerebral head high and a subtle sedating body high all-in-one, making it very frequently sought after across the nation.

This behemoth of a strain packs a very mighty punch. Regular Ice Wreck Kush is shown to contain roughly 18-28% THC content but this harvest of BC-grown Ice Wreck has a THC content of 26%. With such a rich heritage, you can expect Ice Wreck Kush to have a very diverse range of therapeutic properties. The nature of this high is characterized by the deeply relaxing and sedating body effects which are evenly matched by bright, uplifting and cerebral effects on the mind. Some smokers, beginners in particular, may find that the high associated with this strain is too potent, or overwhelming due to the high concentration of THC, while others may be absolutely delighted by the dankness. The dominant effects of this strain are almost instantaneously felt – users experience a surge of euphoria that builds into a clear-headed and focused high. This happy, energetic buzz is great for social situations, just medicate and let the giggles take over. Eventually, the effects transition into a heavily sedating and relaxing high. Although the nature of Ice Wreck Kush is not to be completely incapacitating, it still packs quite a punch when used to deal with physical pains and aches. This strain is most effective when used for the treatment of anxiety, stress, depression and light to moderate pain.

They don’t simply call it Ice Wreck Kush due to its potency. The name is a nod to the the absolutely stunning amount of thick, white THC crystals covering these dense buds. The icy blanket of trichomes are almost adhesive and will stick to your fingers like syrup. Ice Wreck Kush has a familiar indica bud structure, being very round and tight in formation. Nice olive green flowers are accentuated by deep purple toned leaves and a minimal amount of orange pistils.

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