Citrique by Pluto Craft Cannabis


Yet another rare and small batch premium strain created by the professional AAAA+ breeders of Pluto Craft Cannabis who also brought you Fruity Pebbles and Mandarina, this phenotype of the Citrique strain is a deliciously refreshing sativa dominant hybrid with both body and mind effects. With citrus and floral aromas, this sativa will take you away to memories of hot summer days and cool breezes, rejuvenated by a nice cold glass of lemonade. Pluto Craft Cannabis is not one to shy away from premium strains, though Citrique’s parental lineage remains a secret mystery, and many speculate it is a descendent of the infamous OG Kush! With a potency that reaches 25% THC, Citrique is as tasty as it is effective, offering users a strong yet euphoric cerebral and body high!


The high of Citrique offers both classic sativa and indica effects and can cater to both recreational and medical users of cannabis! It will begin as a rush of euphoria, quickly giving users a sense of pleasure, happiness and gratification. A boost of creativity and energy is also felt, making it a great strain for artists, and for this same reason, it is also ideal for those seeking to get projects requiring a bit more mental brainstorming or household chores done. These uplifting effects will be helpful for medical users seeking to alleviate depression and stress, so the strain could be a great quick pick me up during particularly stress-filled or busy days! Shortly after these cerebral effects, users will also feel a deep wave of bodily relaxation washing over. A stronger dose will further this state of relaxation, and would be effective in helping alleviate bodily aches or pains, including arthritis, migraines, muscle spasms and cramps, though when taken in higher doses, it can also induce couch-lock. Yet, Citrique does this without making you feel too tired and still uplifted, so it can be taken any time of the day just as long as you’re watching how much you’re consuming! 

THC Content

Citrique by Pluto Craft Cannabis easily reaches upwards of 25% THC potency. It tends to carry a balanced 50% sativa to 50% indica ratio, but some batches carry a stronger sativa dominance of 60% to 40% indica; it is also considered a sativa dominant hybrid due to its sativa leaning effects. Those who enjoy the effects and citrus flavours of Citrique may also enjoy Pluto Craft Cannabis’ Mandarina strain, which is also a sativa dominant hybrid. It averages between 18% to 26% potency and has a more mandarin citrus flavour profile!

Appearance & Aroma

Citrique buds by Pluto Craft Cannabis are fluffy and round, yet long, similar to the shape of grapes. They are a neon green in colour, though decorated with super bright, rusty orange pistils and a coating of sparkling, golden trichomes. Its name is an indicator of its predominant flavour and aromatic profiles: citrus! Specifically, the strain has sweet, zesty lemon and lime flavours! Undertones include stronger notes of florals, earthy pine and wood, as well as lesser notes of skunky pungentness. Upon breaking and exhaling, however, these sweet and sour flavours complemented by the freshness of herbs and pine are also furthered by a bit of hashy spice, giving the Citrique quite a complex blend of refreshing, summery flavours!

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