Bubba Kush AAA+


If you’re craving a sweet smoke that leaves you relaxed, then Bubba Kush is for you. The genetic history of this strain can be traced back to the Hindu Kush mountains; however, its complete history is almost unknown due to poor documentation. Bubba Kush is 100% indica, so you can anticipate a relaxing body high that will leave you couch locked. Many patients prefer this strain due to its ability to alleviate insomnia, depression, stress, and/or ADD/ADHD. Although Bubba Kush can relieve many ailments, it is not a daytime strain; that is unless you plan on sleeping your day away. Upon smoking, you will be introduced to an earthy and sweet taste accompanied by a piney scent. Bubba Kush has vivid green and purple buds that are coated in amber hairs. The abundance of trichomes makes this strain almost as sticky as bubblegum itself.


THC: 27%

Major Terpenes:

Beta-Caryophyllene  23%
Limonene  13.8%
Alpha-Bisabolol   8.1%
Humulene   6.8%
Camphene   4.8%
Linalool   3.9%
Myrcene   3.7%
Ocimene  3.5%
Phytol  3.3%
Beta-Pinene    3.2%
Other Terpenes  25.9%

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