Blueberry Bomb by Palomar Craft


Blueberry Bomb

Blueberry Bomb is an indica-dominant hybrid originally created by Palomar Craft Cannabis. Resulting from the cross between the award-winning Blueberry strain and treasured Afghani strain, Blueberry Bomb is sure to satisfy your needs. Staying true to its indica parents, Blueberry Bomb is known for its heavy relaxation effects that will soothe the user. We guarantee this rare strain will not disappoint!


Although this strain is a hybrid, it might as well be classified as a indica due to its heavy indica-like effects. Many cannabis users report extremely heavy relaxation effects as well as sleepiness once smoked. It will leave you couch-locked and sedated, making it difficult to do much. The THC content of this strain averages 16-20% but can go as high as 23% in some batches. This strain is also often described as a creeper high as it will take up to fifteen minutes for users to realize how high they are. In addition to its indica effects, this strain is still a hybrid and will display some sativa effects. Users will report increased focus and feeling uplifted after a couple tokes. Talkativeness may also occur and has been reported when smoking Blueberry Bomb.
Many medical marijuana users are very happy with this strain and use it to treat conditions such as:

    1. Pain
    1. Stress
    1. Depression
    1. Insomnia
    1. Muscle Spasms

The side effects of dry eyes and dry mouth will be stronger. Therefore, we recommend having a nice drink and maybe some eye drops on hand!

Appearance, Aroma, and Taste

Blueberry Bomb’s buds are often dense and small to medium-sized. Some phenotypes of this strain may display off shades of blue or purple in their leaves but are often overshadowed by a mossy shade of green. The most identifying feature of this strain is its aroma and taste. Users will report the aroma of blueberries, citrus, and sweetness with undertones of earthiness and pine. This is expected as one of its parents is none other than the amazing Blueberry. Every hit of this strain will have a fruity taste in your mouth which will leave you wanting more. This strain proves that one does not have to sacrifice potency when wanting a fruity and sweet flavour.
Overall, this strain is perfect for those who want heavy sedating effects and feelings of happiness while smoking something delicious.

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