Blue Fin Tuna


Blue Fin Tuna

No need for fishing rods or a strong arm with this Blue Fin Tuna, but it sure is one hell of a catch! A rare strain hailing from the Pacific Northwest of beautiful British Columbia, the Blue Fin Tuna is a cross between Blueberry and Tuna Kush strains. It is predominantly indica and carries a high THC content that reaches upwards of a phenomenal 27%. Such a whopping THC potency is nicely paired with a delicious fruity, though pungent, flavour profile that allows for great taste and deeply relaxing high. A treasure of B.C. where the cannabis cultivation is some of the world’s finest, the Blue Fin Tuna is a strain to please.


Like the best of indica strains, Blue Fin Tuna offers a variety of effects that would be beneficial to medical users of marijuana due to its physical high properties. Its high begins with a head buzz that eventually spreads and acts upon the rest of the body, putting users in a state of relaxation so deep that it can result in couch-lock. This is paired with ocean-like waves of euphoria leaving users feeling happy and uplifted. The experience can be psychedelic and may even be compared to intoxication in strong enough doses, so it is not recommended for daytime uses. Needless to say, it is best for nights or pre-bedtime due to its relaxing effects which can help battle against insomnia. These calming and soothing properties also help aid mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and/or stress. It is just as effective in alleviating physical aches like arthritis, chronic pains, migraines or muscle spasms.

THC Content

Tunas aren’t the biggest fish in the pond but the Blue Fin Tuna strain sure packs one gigantic whale of a punch with a THC measurement of 22%-27% on average, higher than most and proving itself to be a true monster of the sea. Its parent, Blueberry, an indica-dominant hybrid, is itself a pretty potent strain with 16%-24% THC average levels and 1% CBN. Its other parent, Tuna Kush, otherwise known as Tuna OG, is also an indica-dominant hybrid with a lower THC count at 16%-18% average levels, though despite this smaller number, it is known to be quite powerful.

Appearance & Aroma

The appearance of Blue Fin Tuna is perhaps more appealing than the fish it is named after (but hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?). Blue Fin Tuna has beautiful minty green buds that are decorated with undertones of blues and purples, a nod to its Blueberry parent as well as Purple familial lineage with strains like Purple Thai in its family tree. A sugary coating of trichomes top off the already pretty-looking buds. Carrying aromas reminiscent of its predecessors, the strain can be skunky and pungent with a predominant diesel scent from its Tuna genetics. On the other hand, these are balanced by sweet, fruity notes of blueberries that make Blue Fin Tuna a delight to smoke!

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