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magic mushrooms online ca review

Shroom Dispensary Website Address: Review

magicmushroomsonline logoMagic Mushrooms Online is actually one of my best three dispensaries to buy shrooms online in Canada. I have received many requests recently to review microdose capsules from various dispensaries, and so I will be starting with the Magic Mushrooms Online. Also I am going to be even more specific with the prices and also include any offers or special promotions from the website.

Nicely designed website

This website was very easy to use. It also shows you their discount coupons on their home page so you do not have to search for any deals, which was good. The check out process was also quick.

Of course, I know I usually order Golden Teacher Mushrooms to check whole mushrooms against other sites, however I noticed that they had the Psilocybe Cubensis Z strain, known for its potency. It was sold out almost anywhere I went, so I had to get it. I got half an ounce for about $200, which is just about perfect for exotic varieties. I also got 10 micro-dose capsules of Psilocybe Cubensis for $39, which is good compared to other websites.

Shipping was discreet and fast

I placed my order before I go to work. They processed my order in about 5 hours, which was a surprise. I thought they typically ship the next business day, like other online dispensaries, so I guess I was probably lucky.

Customer support is friendly and punctual

Sent an e-mail to these great guys right after work. They responded around 1:00pm the next day, which was fine. Responded to my questions. It was not a robot.

Like any other company, it’s best to contact them during normal business hours for a quick response. They may take some time to respond if you send messages overtime or on weekends.

Secure website

This website is SSL encrypted. All payments are made by bank transfer via e-mail.

Properly packed for shipping

Wrapping is very tight and discreet. Everything is undamaged upon receipt of the product. Micro-dose bottles were of good quality and the capsules were properly packed with the cotton plugs inside the bottle as well.

Please be careful with dosages when trying a new supplier. This is very, very important and we cannot stress this enough.

High-quality shroom products

Everything came as expected. It was true Z-strain so the potency was good of course – there were no surprises there. They were good size capsules for micro-dosing. They were tested as well as their potency and are suitable for people looking for psilocybin as an alternative treatment.

Prices are competitive with offers and special promotions.

Their prices are very competitive compared to the other shroom dispensaries in Canada.

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