Herb Approach Review

herbapproach review

2for3 email blastWhen Canada legalized cannabis nationwide on October 17, 2018, and made headlines around the world, many Canadians breathed (or toked) a sigh of relief. No longer would recreational and medicinal cannabis users be prosecuted for enjoying their favourite all-natural plant.

But has legalization lived up to Canadian toker expectations?

Government dispensaries and the federal government have both been facing criticism for failing to meet public demands and expectations.


Poor selection of products, lack of access to products that consumers have been enjoying for years such as shatter, budder, and dabs, and low potency edibles have all kept, and continue to drive customers away from government offerings.

But there is a trusted, safe and affordable solution that Canadian cannabis consumers have been turning to for years.

They’re called mail-order marijuana dispensaries, and they’ve been providing Canadians with fresh weed, potent edibles, and tasty cannabis concentrates right to their door.

Tired of overpaying for under-performing weed and weed products? Let’s explore why Herb Approach, Canada’s best mail-order dispensary is your best option.

Herb Approach – The Best Online Dispensary Canada

Does your local, brick-and-mortar dispensary offer all of these features?

Large offering of cannabis products
Live Chat support
Educational blog
Offers support for damaged and defective products
Affordable pricing
Free shipping over $150
24/7 site uptime
Referral programs
Coupon codes
Daily and weekly discounts
More payment options

Let’s dive deeper into some of Herb Approach’s more extensive features:

Herb Approach Features

Increased Product Variety

When you go shopping, would you rather visit a chain of stores to find the best deals and lowest prices, or would you rather have everything available to you in one convenient one-stop-shop?

Let’s say you go to a dispensary to look for some flower, only to find out they’re out of the strain you actually like, forcing you to go to another one across town. By the time everything’s done and sorted, you’ve driven around town for an hour and you’re already too tired to toke up.

It’s a hassle – after all, there’s a reason why online shopping has become so popular.

Imagine if your weed choices, weed concentration options, and access to edibles weren’t limited to what just a dispensary had in store!

Herb Approach operates with over 80 vendors, offering everything from weed drinks and weed gummies to fresh, dank flower and tasty, potent concentrates. Looking for edibles that offer more than just 10mg of THC per package? Tasty and fresh live resin? Affordable vape cartridges?

Herb Approach has got you covered for that and more.

Trusted, Affordable, and Quality

It doesn’t matter whether it’s food, drinks, or medicine – if it’s going into your body, you’re going to want it to be trusted, safe, and of the utmost quality.

The same should be said for weed, but unfortunately, many Canadian tokers simply just don’t have the access to a reliable, affordable and trusted source for all of their weed needs. They’re either stuck paying $12 a gram or more for low-quality, ditch weed, or having to resort to a government dispensary for their dry, sub-par offerings.

It shouldn’t be like that – all Canadians should have affordable and reliable access to trusted, quality weed and weed products.

At Herb Approach, they do just that. With thousands of reviews online, an extensive customer support system, and a variety of blog articles, guides, and information available on their site, you can rest assured that everything you’re purchasing is of the highest quality.

Even better? Herb Approach has daily deals, affordable budget buds, and a points system to ensure that every deal on the site is the best deal you’re going to be able to get.

Forget about paying exorbitant prices for low-quality products, Herb Approach is the best approach to affordable, trusted and quality weed and weed products.

The Best Customer Support

Don’t get us wrong, budtenders at dispensaries are doing the best with what they’ve been given, but sometimes, they just miss the mark.

Have you ever wanted to spend a little longer learning more about a particular strain or learning about a particular product, only to be rushed and shooed away by dispensary workers who have other customers to attend to?

The experience is frustrating, to say the least.

At Herb Approach, such experiences are non-existent.

When it comes to customer satisfaction and support, Herb Approach is one of the few dispensaries that actually does it right. Offering almost 24/7 live chat customer support for both new and returning customers, you can feel free to ask any and all questions you’d like about the weed products that you’re interested in.

How much of an edible to take, how much is too much weed, which strain is best for relieving pain and aiding in sleep – no matter the pain, Herb Approach’s customer support will direct you to the right strain.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to purchasing weed and weed products, you deserve the best, so why not visit the best online dispensary Canada to get what you deserve?

Don’t subject yourself to expensive, low potency edibles or dry, overpriced weed – make the right decision for yourself and save BIG on everything weed-related.

Also offering a referral program, a $25 sign-up incentive, weekly savings of up to 50% or more and free gifts with every purchase, there isn’t any reason to go with any other online dispensary than Herb Approach.

Visit Herb Approach and sign up today for $25 off your first purchase!

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