What is a Sativa strain?

Sativa strain is one of the popular types of strains. Their effects are generally related with euphoria, creativeness and invigoration. It has a powerful uplifting effect for the brain and the body. We can say that it is the correct form of strain for the people who want to feel awake. It can also provide hallucinogenic effects. We can say that its general effects are similar to caffeine. It gives you energy in high amounts and makes you alert. Therefore, we can say that it is designed to consume in daytime rather than nights. If you consume them at night, you can have problems in sleeping because of the high energy that you feel. Another important difference between Sativa and Indica strains is the amount of THC in them. Sativa strains have a high amount of THC in them. However, Indica strains are CBD based products. When you try sativa strains for the first time, you will feel its effects in a short time. You will perceive any sound or image better.

What is an Indica strain?

Indica strain is another type of strain that you can buy at online dispensaries. Its effects are different from sativa strains because of its content, compared with the effects of sativa strains. The most common effect of the indica strain are feelings of relieving and relaxation. Contrary to Sativa strains, Indica strains are high in THC. Thus, it will give you relaxed muscles and a feeling of trip. They are generally consumed before meals because they have positive effects on the appetite. Its medical effects are also powerful. It is effective against chronic pains and sleep problems.  Because of its relaxation effects, it helps you to sleep. As you can understand from its common effects, we advise you to smoke that strains at night.

Why to choose a Hybrid strain?

If you want to benefit from the effects of both of those strains, there is a third way for you. You can consume Hybrid cannabis strains. They have Indica dominant and Sativa dominant  features at the same time. As a result, you will experience a balanced high at the end. As we said above, the effects of sativa and indica strains are different from each other.  While sativa strains make you energetic and euphoric, indica strains make you relaxed and relieved. As you can guess, when those effects were combined you will experience a unique high because of the balanced structure of the strain. However, the genetics of the strain has an important role here. When those two strains come together and form a new type of strain, one of them generally has more dominant effects on the other. Thus, you should make your choice carefully depending on the effects that you want to experience.

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